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The Importance of Having a Great Website Design


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Once you have a well thought out, solid brand, the next element that you need to make sure is up to par is your website design and user experience. It’s no secret that people are spending lots of time on the web these days. As more and more consumers make decisions based on their online experience, the appearance, functionality, and usability of your website are more important than ever- especially if you’re in a competitive market.

I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again – it’s extremely important for your branding to first be in place before you start working on your website. Having a solid brand in place before you start your website is so important because you’ll want your site to include your brand message, color palette, and design concepts. Remember that your brand is the heart of your company, and your well-designed website is a tool in which you can show it off and get your message out to potential clients.

Just as your website is an extension of your brand it is also, in turn, an extension of your team, your message and the overall feeling your company evokes. It’s one of the first impressions a user will get of your company – make it a good one! Most of the time, people will go online and check out your website before they make a decision on if they will move forward with your company. So, it’s critical that your website is aesthetically pleasing, trustworthy to the viewer (matching your brand) and user-friendly.

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