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Visible Identity


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Visual identity
What is visual identity?

It is the persona and the visible face of your company to the public and other companies.
They are indicative of your company and its distinction among the companies, and
it helps customers to remember your brand and get to know everything related to your company as soon as they see it.

And It can be applied to everything related to the company, such as:

• The company’s website and its social media accounts.
• The company’s product packaging and its correspondence.
• Company vehicles such as employees’ cars and product distribution cars.
• Company buildings and furniture.
• The uniforms and clothing of the company’s employees and their identification cards.

Why is visual identity important?

Companies spend millions of dollars annually on designing, developing and disseminating their visual identity to clients,
believing in its importance and the benefits and returns it achieves for the company.

Visual identity has many benefits, the most important of which are:

1- It expresses the excellence of your company,
A strong and distinct visual identity proves the difference and distinction of your company in the crowded global market with companies.
It is not enough to say that your company is distinguished,
but rather it must express that and the most important method of this expression is identity.

2- It contributes to enhancing your presence in the market,
The majority of consumers tend to deal with well-known, well-known brands.
If you have a distinctive visual identity,
the number of your permanent customers will increase and the confidence in your products will increase.

3- Know about the nature of your company
Clients can learn about the nature of your business through your visual identity, and its symbolism indicating the specialty of your company.

4- Contribute to the spread of your company
A strong visual identity spreads quickly among the audience in the market.
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