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E-marketing terminology?


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E-marketing terminology?

E-marketing terminology?
1- ROI
– Return on Investment – It is important to know when you spend in E-marketing terminology $ 5,

for example, you earn $ 10, $ 15 or $ 20. If the return on investment is 500%,
it means that every $ 1 in advertising will earn you $ 500.

2- CR – the source of the rate of conversions (measured in percentage) –
when you are doing an advertising campaign on Facebook,
which is to enter the page Q in your site and then do the ACTION or a certain procedure,

for example “Order your purchase – payment online” after This visitor will arrive on the page THANK YOU PAGE and show that after paying the value of the product online here calculates an extension,
but if he arrived at the page Q and there is no purchase,

it is a normal visit and does not count conversion.

There are other types of conversion,

for example conversion for the purpose of registration in the mailing list or conversion for the purpose of visiting the page or transfer for the purpose of measuring performance …. etc. (Intended as conversion conversion)

For example, 100 visitors visited page X but only 10 converts if CR = 10% or CR = 10

3. CTR – which is the click-through rate (used in the percentage) and used in advertising and express clickthrough rate.
For example, I made a declaration on Facebook and interacted with the advertisement 100 out of 1000, the value of CTR 100/1000 is 10% Acceptable in all advertising campaigns.

If the average CTR is less than that, this will make you use A / B TESTING in your advertising campaign.

4- CPC, which means cost per click, is a term that reflects the cost-per-click (CPC) of an ad per view.
For example, when you do an ad campaign on Google AdWords and have a CPC value of $ 1,
this indicates that each visit to your ad costs you $ 1 .

5 – Impressions – which is the impression (measured by the number) and reflects the total number of views of the advertisement.
They are also equivalent to results or results.

For example, if one person sees your ad today and the same person sees the same advertisement again,

your report shows that Frequency = 2 or if the number is between 1: 2 Means that the advertisement does not appear twice for each to the viewers,
but appeared twice for a limited number only.

6 – CTA – which is meant to call to action – (advertising the nature of advertising)
For example,
you are making a declaration to increase the number of visitors to your site is the action is to click on Link site,
either you are making a declaration to collect customer data
(name – Phone – Phone – Address) The action is filling the form of registration and there are many movements can be adopted,

for example in ads adword CTA is a call to call your company number or your number directly with the click of a button. It also expresses a goal or goals.

7. Advert relevancy score – It reflects the quality of your ad takes the value of 1 to 10, the higher the value of that evidence that you were able to target correctly.
But if your ad results are satisfactory, ignore that figure.

8. Conversion Funnel rate – The final conversion rate is very similar to CR.
The latter is useful if the conversion is simple but if the conversion is complicated, this value is very useful.

Example: You are doing an advertising campaign on Facebook and its purpose is that the visitor first enter the page Q then watch the page r then go to the page p to reach the page thank you page.

As a professional online marketer, you learn how to track all these tracks and movements within your site so that you can get the best results from your advertising campaign.

Note: thank you page – is the last page to reach the visitor to achieve the desired action.
If the purpose of the advertisement to sell a product,
the page of thanks will be a page that appears after the visitor enters the credit card information or Paypal account.


The last:

There are many terms in the world of electronic marketing,
but I focused on these reports to help any newbie in the field or anyone who employs an electronic marketer in his company to read marketing reports professionally and correctly.