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Installments In Electronic Payment Gateways


We continue the topic in which we talked about electronic payment gateways in Turkey with two articles, the first is the most important means of electronic payment in Turkey, and the second is important points in electronic payment gateways in Turkey. To understand the topic well, you must read the two articles before starting the third article.

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The feature of paying in installments through banks and payment gateways is one of the most important features. Payment in installments is complex and difficult to understand directly from the business owner, so we will simplify and clarify this feature to answer common questions and the most important questions.

Let’s start with some important definitions

Network or Network: Each credit card has a specific bank responsible for issuing it, but on the other hand, each card also follows a specific network.

Each bank has a main network and it is the one who issues this network. Other banks can join and fall under the wing of this network or they issue their own network.
The card may have been issued by one bank but belongs to another bank’s network if the bank has subscribed to that network.
To simplify the idea more, we can imagine that the Turkish banks are grouped according to their large number within conglomerates, and each conglomerate has a major bank that leads this conglomerate. Each conglomerate is called a network. Examples of this are:

The wordpress network includes: Yapi Kredi Bank, Waqf Bank, Anadolu Bank, Al Baraka Bank, and the bank that created this network is Yapi Kredi Bank.
The Bonus network includes: Karanti Bank, Ink Bank, Deniz Bank, TB Bank, Thank you Bank, AA Bank and the bank that created this network is Karanti Bank.
The Axis network contains: AKBank only.
Parav Network contains: Hulk Bank only.
The Maximum Network includes: ich Bank, Agriculture Bank, and managed by ishbank.
The Finance Card network contains: Finance Bank only.
Advantage Network, which includes: HSBC Bank, Finance Bank, and managed by HSBC Bank.
From this point of view, we make it clear that if the merchant or the owner of the product wants to make a product available to his customers in installments, he cannot provide this feature to all his customers, because the card network for the buyer must be supported by the bank that provides the electronic payment point.

Let’s illustrate this with the following example: The card is from the Word network and the default payment point is provided by Yapi Kredi Bank, we conclude that the customer can pay in installments.

Another example: the card is from the Word network, but the payment point is provided by the Bank of Agriculture, we conclude that the customer cannot pay in installments.

But can the merchant provide the installment payment service for all customers and all types of cards alike?

In order for the merchant to be able to do that, he must visit at least one bank from each network and open a virtual payment point for him, and thus he will have a variety of payment points to meet the needs of customers.

But the best and easiest solution is for the merchant to seek Turkish payment gateways, which are distinguished from banks in that they support all networks with all types of cards, and thus it is sufficient for the merchant to open only one account with only one electronic payment gateway, thus he has obtained the advantage of payment in installments for all types of networks.

Types of installments:

Turkish banks and electronic payment gateways support installments from 2 to 12 installments, often monthly.
Installments may also be taken on a non-monthly basis within an installment plan that is agreed upon upon account opening.
Each installment has a different commission rate that must be agreed upon from the beginning. It is not a fixed matter for everyone and can be discussed with the responsible employee.
For the software side:

You may be wondering how difficult it is to program your website with a bank or payment gateway, and we will explain this below:

The bank or the payment gateway must provide the subscriber with a detailed explanatory file on the programming steps, and if this file is available, it is required from the donor, which is very necessary.
Usually the donor (bank/gateway) provides software examples in several programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat explain the mechanism and how to link. We always recommend asking the donor about such examples because they facilitate the work a lot.
Sometimes software may be available ready for download and direct use by the donor without the need to write any line of code, also the donor must be asked about it.
There may be free or paid software offices from other software companies that provide the programming service, you can check this before starting to develop the code from scratch.

Thus, we have reached the end of the topic related to payment gateways in Turkey, and we hope that we have succeeded in clarifying most of the points that the reader would like to know.

Thank you for your time and best wishes from Alameer Media