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All the Keywords!


Why keywords?

Most people who own a website have heard a lot about keywords and their importance in ranking well with search engines. Simply put, keywords are the words or phrases users type into a search box to find websites that offer what they are looking for. And, since only 8.3% of traffic makes it through to the second page of results (1), it’s really first page or bust. What you may not know, however, is how to go about finding the right keywords for your business, and once you find them, how to leverage their use to get the best results.

Keyword research

Keyword research is one the most important steps in your marketing efforts. Finding out the search words and phrases that are bringing people to your website will help you not only with your keyword targeting, but also give you insights to your customers as a whole.

Some questions to ask:

  • Which keywords or key phrases are users typing in to search engines to search for your business or products?
  • What is a user’s intent while searching?
  • Are you focusing on the right keywords in your content?
  • Which keywords result in the most conversions?
  • What other websites rank for related keywords?


Keyword research and analysis can help answer these questions. Ultimately, your goal is to come up with 10-40 niche keywords and then analyze those keywords for search volume, competition and level of difficulty to rank. Your best results will come from targeting specific longer phrases or three-four words (also known as long-tail keywords), rather than trying to rank for everything.

Before we go any further, do you have Google analytics setup on your website? Google Analytics allows you to see the type of traffic you already have going to your site and can help you determine which keywords are bringing in visitors organically. Tracking this data will help you know if your efforts are generating new leads to your site. These are just the basic reasons, but there are many more reasons to have it setup on your site. If your website is not setup yet with Google Analytics, call us today.