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The importance of the blog for websites


The importance of the blog for websites


 What is a blog ? What is the importance of the blog for websites?

 A blog is defined as a website that includes posts arranged chronologically from newest to oldest; So that visitors to these sites see the most recent posts at first. 

The importance of the blog for websites is that it allows users to interact with each other
by posting comments in addition to links.

Did you know that a blog on your e-commerce site can increase brand exposure while displaying your products?

It’s easy to understand why linking a new blog post to your social media site would be more exciting than sharing a link to a newer product page.

But the goal is not just to create a great engagement, you want the customer to engage in your branding and share it with their social circles.

The more content you have available to the public, the more likely you are to contact and expose a potential customer.

Not to mention having easily available shareable content, it will automatically increase
the amount that your brand is being shared over traditional and unconventional platforms.

If you don’t have a blog, then you are not challenged by this exposure.

Show your products and customer service

Your blog can be used to specifically showcase your product or focus on customer review of the product, or even a recurring question about the product.

These types of blogging will build trust and are more interesting to share on social media pages than a traditional product page with a price tag.

Not to mention by linking blogs like this on your product pages, you can allow the customer more exposure to your brand.

 Advantages of blogging

1- The advantage of the site owner: The first advantage that the site owner gets is his having a personal website for him, and when we say personal, we mean that the content in this blog is related to his own ideas.

Accordingly, the above represents the blogger’s electronic world that publishes what he wants without censorship or barriers, and therefore,
he can keep an unlimited amount of entries that he creates through a serial archiving system according to dates, and the concerned blogger can refer to it whenever he wants.

When a user comes to search for a topic and through a search engine,
he finds a lot of information that interests him, and here comes the role of the blog.

One of the advantages it provides to its owner is that its content falls under many search engines, and anyone can search for it,

any blogger can monetize his blog by placing commercial advertisements and others.

A lot of blog owners even place ads for their blogs on another blog of the same interest.

And sometimes there is a literary cooperation that does not have any material return other than proliferation or joint cooperation, as mentioned above.

By placing many links to different blogs that are interested in the topics of the same blog and have similar links,

Note that most of these blogs are free and also based on free hosting for other blogs.

2- The visitor’s advantage, which is to follow the new news easily and scientifically, is one of the important advantages of some blogs, and
here the visitor does not have to visit the site when needed,

There is an RSS technology that makes Al-Mubasher aware of all the contents of the blog that he wants to subscribe to.

They are not forums aimed at achieving visitor participation to increase the number of posts, but rather an expression of freedom of opinion.

 You can visit the blog of our site as an illustration of its appearance and the most important topics it contains.


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