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Social media and marketing


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Social media and marketing

 Social media is defined as the applications and websites that are used to communicate with others, and to spread information over the global internet through computers or mobile phones, It also refers to any online communication tool that allows
users to share and publish content on a large scale.

It is worth noting that social media content is created by a large number of users, amounting to a few million, This is in contrast to the content that is available through traditional means of communication and which is created by only a few people.

The impact of social media on marketing

The online entrepreneurship blog provided statistics showing that small businesses represent a rapidly growing percentage of Facebook users every day.
What does this mean for your small business?

1- Influence on the number of website visitors:

Certainly, social media directly affects the number of visitors to the site.

2- Influence on people’s knowledge and awareness of the product:

Your presence and presence on social media platforms helps you reach a larger number of audiences directly and inform them of the product or service that you provide,

The content you provide helps build the image of the expert and present it to people.

Being present and present on social media platforms is a foothold for you to reach and connect with more social media audiences through the content you provide.

3. Influencing the level of customer service

Through the use of social media marketing methods, you will be able to gain the admiration of the users of these sites by providing effective, direct and timely customer service.

4. Effects on competition

When you do not have a brand presence on social media, you automatically lose this feature to your competitors.

Brand’s lack of presence on social media will deprive you of all the benefits of social media platforms.

5. Effects on sales

Social media provides an opportunity for brands to increase conversions (customer conversion rate or sales completion rate) because they increase their interaction with customers through it.

According to studies, social media marketing has a 100% higher rate of converting potential customers into actual customers.

Comparison to external marketing methods, which includes the exit of the company and
its pursuit of the customer through advertisements,
These studies show that social media marketing is critical for all brands. Whether it is big or small, and also for those trying to increase their sales.


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