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Choosing a Domain Name


Choosing a Domain Name

The name of the site is not less important than choosing the name of your company, your domain name will be your personality on the Internet and the presence of your company

. So it is important to find the perfect name that suits your business needs

: The following are tips on how to choose a domain name ( domain ) appropriate for your website

Try your business name first

The first thing you should check when searching for a domain name is your business name, it should be easy and remember for customers and

help them access your brand easily.

Your company logo should be printed on all of your marketing materials so choosing your business name makes sense

Select from 6-8 additional names 

If your business name isn’t available, try out six different keywords that describe your business or the services you offer.

For example, if you run a cafe, some great keywords would be coffee, morning cheer, coffee bean, entertainment.

Always choose a shorter name

While creating your domain name, remember that the name should be as short as possible and be easy to type. This helps customers remember it every time they want to search for activity similar to your business.

Give the name a creative twist 

One of the ways to make sure that your domain name is memorable is to give it a creative touch by playing on words where you give it a special touch and make the name entrenched in the minds of customers or followers.

Stay away from popular names 

When choosing the domain name for your website, avoid and keep away from the popular names, choose a name that is consistent with your business and a little far from the names in the search engines because this may cause your site to mix with other sites that use the same naming system, keep your creativity within the limits Simplicity and ease

dot-com Choose the domain to be assigned to 

 Here’s a list of the most common domain names along with dot-com For a primary website, it is best to stick with

This is an abbreviation used in Business, Commerce, and Society: .com

This extension is used for informational sites: .info

. Typically, technology infrastructure sites and the Internet use this extension: .net

This extension is used by non-commercial organizations and nonprofits groups: .org

It is primarily used for business or commercial such as e-commerce sites: .biz

This extension is used in blogs, resumes, or personal websites: .me

Protect your trademark

One of the best ways in which you can protect your brand is by purchasing multiple domain extensions. In addition, this will help

prevent competitors from registering other versions of your site on a different domain extension.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also buy misspellings of your domain name to ensure that if someone misspells your address, they will be directed to the correct page.

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