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Web-Based Writing Is Not the Same as Legal Writing


Writing content for the Internet is not the same as writing a legal brief or demand letter. They are similar, however, in that they each have technical aspects that you must follow to get it right. But you did not go to school to write for search engines. Nor did you likely take many marketing courses, if any, as you prepared for legal practice.

Hiring a professional website writer can help bridge the gap between you and your audience that exist on the Web. Such a writer understands search engine optimization (SEO), so writing for search bots comes naturally. That same writer also knows how to break through legal jargon to communicate your services clearly to a prospective client.

Your Content Will Be Done On-Time

By hiring a writer, you avoid the stress that comes with having the task hanging over your head. Your full website project stays on track, as your writer will deliver copy to you on time and help keep you on task for delivering edits and approving copy. From there, your writer can work with your developer to make the content development process move as smoothly as possible. That way, your site goes live when you want it to, and you get the most bang for your hosting services buck.

You Have Better Things to Do With Your Time

Tied directly in with reason two is the fact that your time is precious. What you do with it matters. You need to focus on tasks that help your clients and bring you fulfillment, not to mention earning income to support you and your family.

Writing content for your website takes time if you do it right. The average website marketing writer spends at least one hour per page of copy, and that is coming from someone who does this on a daily basis. A basic five-page website could take you 10-12 hours to write. Just think of what you can accomplish, work, personal or otherwise, with that time.

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